Author: Santos, Osiris

Use this checklist to make sure you are operating according to compliance guidelines. Opening a dispensary is a uniquely exciting opportunity, but it comes with risks. Beyond the large initial investment required, dispensary owners need to walk a confident path along a constantly changing regulatory landscape. Failure to meet regulatory guidelines can result in the […]

Protect your dispensary against these common mistakes. Cannabis dispensaries rely on accurate and organized inventory management just as much as any other retail business does. In fact, industry regulations demand an even more exacting approach to inventory management than most other retail stores. You need to track every product coming through your store and report […]

Find out why cannabis users should look for licensed dispensaries. Seventy-eight million Americans live in a state with a legal recreational cannabis market, and many more have access to medical marijuana. In purely economic terms, the movement to legalize cannabis throughout the United States has been a smashing success. However, cannabis users often find themselves […]

METRC provides integration to ezGren HIPAA-compliant seed-to-sale tracking dispensaries and regulators. In California, Maryland, and other states throughout the country, voters approved cannabis legislation and with that came strict state and local regulations that have had consistent refinement as the industry matures.  Compliance is one of the most important provisions attached to medical and recreational […]