Author: Santos, Osiris

Careful planning is key to any major infrastructural change – especially in a regulated environment. Change is scary, especially when you’re running a business. Enterprise-level corporate executives know this, so they think nothing of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring consultants, conducting feasibility studies, and getting input from key stakeholders before making big changes. […]

Unlicensed dispensaries are being subjected to audits and inspections. In December 2019, California regulators staged the largest series of surprise dispensary inspections since signing recreational cannabis into law. Twenty-four unlicensed dispensaries shut their doors as a result of the largest crackdown on the city’s black market cannabis industry to date. Police officers served warrants to […]

This Blog article is co-authored by Mike Coner + Caset Reinholtz, Director at Americann Made in California. Terpenes give cannabis its scent and flavor. Find out how they impact the body. Terpenes can be found all throughout nature and have properties that have been quietly helping humanity from the dawn of time.  From the medicinal […]

Improving customer loyalty is key to building a profitable cannabis brand. In many states, the first wave of cannabis novelty has faded. Selling cannabis products to people is not enough to differentiate yourself in an increasingly crowded market. As the cannabis industry matures, dispensary owners find themselves confronting the same issues that have plagued retailers […]