Author: Santos, Osiris

Hemp, Cannabis and the Black Market: A Discussion of Quality and Safety There are enormous profits to be made in cannabis and corporations are ready to do what they do best – acquire it, scale it, and mass distribute it. Quality control of product to needs to be established to assure a standard of shelf […]

Cannabis & Tech Talks sits down with Mike Coner, President of ezGreen Compliance, LIVE at New West Summit 5 in San Francisco. ezGreen Compliance is a point-of-sale software company that empowers cannabis business owners with time-tested technology. In this episode we cover cannabis, hemp, CBD, and the illicit market. Plus, a look at the vaping […]

Prepare your dispensary for some of the most common headache scenarios. Inventory management is a complex subject for any retail organization. However, cannabis dispensaries have to deal with a few unique complicating factors when handling inventory – and these go beyond the complex issue of cannabis taxes. The unique regulatory environment of the cannabis industry […]